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Thousand: Changing the perception of cycling gear | Brave London
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Unboxing this, it feels like a bit of bike stuff that fits easily into a modern interior. It doesn’t look out of place, and in fact adds something. I’m not embarrassed by it. The lines are good. It’s carefully and sensitively crafted. I was worried the off-cream would be too much, but it’s hardly noticeable. Think of it as more of a “softer white”. If you’ve got white walls, this colour choice will sing. I was considering getting the racing stripe, but feel this will be a bit less shouty on the morning commute.

On the road I think this helmet will set you apart from the lycra-clad commuters with modern road bikes who look like they’re trying to compete in an imaginary race or trial. At the same time, it doesn’t feel like something you picked up in Evans or Halfords. It’s independent, but brings good looks to the party. Ultimately, for me, it’s the throwback to classic lines that does it. Thousand have done a great job of bringing a vintage feel to it, but not overdoing it.

What Grace, the founder of Thousand has done here works. Grace set up Thousand to design a helmet you wouldn’t feel embarrassed by. You’d want to put it on and ride with it, thus reducing the chance of coming off worse in an accident. Originally a Kickstarter, Thousand look like they are here to stay. I’m a huge fan. I hope it works.

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